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Wallasey Historical Society

Founded 1969 - Charity Number 1047762
Meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month, from September to April, at Wallasey Central Library, Earlston Road, commencing at 7.30 pm.
Mission Statement
To preserve and display the collection of artefacts covering 1000 years of history of St Bridget's church and to promote knowledge and understanding of the museum, the church and local history

Coat of Arms

Wallasey Coat of Arms

The arms were granted to the Borough on September 8th, 1910.

The Shield:

The ancient sailing ship represents Wallasey's former importance in the shipping world as in medieval times the town was a serious rival to nearby Liverpool. Surmounting this are three wheat sheaves (or garbs) on a blue field. These are taken from the arms of the Earls of Chester indicating Wallasey's status in the County, together with the inclusion of the Wirral Horn. The latter is still in existence and is currently in the possession of the Earl of Cromer.

The Mantle:

The dolphin and the trident it entwines represent the maritime character of the Borough.

The Motto:

AUDEMUS CUM CAVEMUS translates as 'We are bold whilst we are cautious,' which at the time seemed rather appropriate as the town's elders never shirked any bold policies but at the same time considered all the likely consequences!